R. Berti Commercial Construction



At R. Berti we provide a wide array of services, ranging from mid-size commercial construction projects, to multi-million dollar facilities, as well as renovations and additions to existing facilities. We perform work under the traditional General Contractor format, Construction Management as well as Design-Build. We strive to remain as flexible as possible to meet each of our clients' unique needs. We favor an "open book" approach with our pricing policies and maintain a competitive position in our industry. We believe the key to a successful project is to become involved in the planning process with the client early, and then act as a partner in the project, always keeping the client's best interests in mind.


Pre-Construction Services

By working with a client early in the overall process, we can provide our knowledge and experience to help shape the most effective plan for optimum project success.

  • Site Assessment and Evaluation - We can quickly assess a potential property to make sure that it will meet a client's needs in regards to usable space, parking requirements, zoning, set-backs, utilities, etc.

  • Preliminary Budgeting - We can help establish overall budgets by providing preliminary cost estimates for each aspect of the project.

  • "Big Picture" Value Engineering - We can identify alternate methods or products than can save our clients money, as well as schedule time.

  • Master Project Scheduling - Scheduling is a crucial part of any construction project. We help to identify critical lead-time items that may have to be ordered early, and establish detailed timelines and schedules.

  • Design-Build - Under this format, we can provide all of the critical elements of the project under our own contract umbrella - complete engineering, architectural, and structural drawings and specifications. Ask us for more information on this subject.

  • Permit and Government Approval Coordination - We will work through all phases of zoning, platting, permitting, etc. with the applicable municipalities.



Complete Project Coordination - We will coordinate the efforts of our staff, as well as architects, engineers, etc. to adhere to the project schedule and final pricing.

  • On-Site Supervision and Project Management - We assign one of our professional Site Supervisors as well a Project Manager to every project, and the same personnel will see your project through completion.

  • Project Control Systems - These are some of the systems that we use to maintain our projects:

    • Scheduling - We use software that is constantly updated for a complete project schedule

    • Drawing and Submittal Logs - We keep records of all products and drawing submissions

    • Coordination Meetings - This is the most effective tool to keep any project on track

    • Processing of all Billings and Paperwork - We will format and process all paperwork required

  • Aggressive Safety and Drug Program - We have comprehensive programs that are monitored, and we conduct random drug testing throughout the year

  • Materials Testing and Quality Assurance - We will coordinate and review all testing information throughout the project for materials such as soils, concrete, etc.

  • Certificate of Occupancy Procurement - We will coordinate the timing of this with the municipality to ensure that the owner meets their move-in date.

  • Organized Transition from Construction to Occupancy - We will ensure that the entire facility is available for your move-in.



Building Systems Orientation/Training and Operation/Maintenance Manuals - We will provide any necessary training, as well as all warranty and maintenance manuals for reference.

  • Comprehensive Record Drawings - We will provide a set of "As-Built" record drawings for the owners future reference.

  • Warranty Period Review - Before the warranty period has expired, we will provide a project review for the owner to note any potential issues, or questions that may arise.

Please contact Rich Berti at 815.725.9335 to see how R. Berti can streamline the construction process and make your project a great success.